The Ethical Question

Every job has certain rules and regulations, which one has to follow. Likewise, every profession has certain ethics that should not be broken. For instance, a doctor or a lawyer is bound by ethics to keep the secrets of the patients. In the same way, a student also should follow some ethics. With time and requirement the idea of ethics may change, but basic structure will never waver. So, when you are getting help for your essay writing or you are making someone lese write that essay, you are confronting an ethical question.

The question

When you are assigned with some work, it is common expectation that you will do the work by yourself. If you find the work too herd you can ask for help form others, that’s alright. Problem will arise when you will ask someone else to do the work for you. First of all you are breaking the rules and secondly you are compromising your education. So, are you doing right or wrong, this the preciously the question.

The answer

Searching the answer may be a little tough. It is so because, you will have a conflict between what is easy and what is right. This is one of the oldest conflicts of the world. You may also ask, if going for essay writing tipsis not unethical, how come opting for essay writing service is bad? The answer to that is, in the first scenario, you are getting the help, but the labor is yours. This is exactly the teaching of education. You can take help from others, but make it yours and put the effort. In the second scenario, you are violating the basic aim of education. You are not learning anything at all. Changing the basic of something is not right, so you should not make anyone else write the essay for you.

The conclusion

Some of the times it is very hard to let go the easiest way, where you are sure of the success. If you somehow can manage to do that you are finally getting educated. Remember, the other way may seem too tough, but the reward you are about to get, is indeed worth of the labor you are putting in.

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