The difference of a college paper from high school paper

Even if some students can make a smooth transition from the high school to college, others find it hard to adapt in writing the college paper. You can find yourself always having negative remarks such as that you are not yet there or that your writing is still missing something.

Essay writing is important at college level

When you enter into the college, you need to learn how to write an essay at the college standard. Most of the tasks that you will be doing in the college will be about writing, you can be asked to write about personal essay, to react on the reading you have made, make a critical essay or make claim.

What teachers look for in essays

When you write for the college, there are three important things that the teacher is looking for: He has to get interest in your claim and he has to agree that it is interesting before he goes on. The claim has to be supported by the evidence and you should show that it is plausible. You need also to show that you considered the limits as well as the objections of your essay.

You will need to write different college essay from the time that you wish to enter the college up to the time you finish it. You will be required to write personal statement, scholarship essay, admission essay or examination presentation among others. Regardless of the reasons why you are writing, the college essays have to be original and high quality.

Features of an essay at a college level

In order of achieving the requirement of the college essays, you have to keep the following features of the essay in mind. The essay has always to be about a certain topic. In case you were not given the topic by your teacher, you have to do a research to get the topic that you will be comfortable to write about. Before you write the final copy, you need to begin by brainstorming about the topic. The essay has to be based on a research. A good essay will include the outline, introduction, thesis statement, main part and a conclusion. However, you have also to make sure that you understand other additional features that you need to include according to the school or the subject requirements.

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