eCommerce Development

B2BStore is a core engine design & developed to serve Jewelry and Luxury product selling in a very quick efficient way. We can provide a custom solution for your business that can help to boost up your product sale and understating buyers experience; a complete eCommerce development & marketing solution.

We help you to set your online store, sell your products online, create your own brand awareness, control every bit of business from one point. Read more..


HR Recruitment & Management

HRRPMS (Human Resource & Recruitment Process Management System) is a new generation HR product. This product consists of 2 independent modules – Recruitment and Employee Management, and is integrated seamlessly to provide an end-to-end platform for Human Resource Function for any industry segment. Built on new generation technology platform with a browser based front-end this product can be implemented as an intranet or internet based system to cater for HR Function of an organization. This can also be used independently by any Recruitment organization in business of resource recruitment for client organizations. Read more..


Jewelry Production Management

JPPMS (Jewellery Production Process Management System) product is a complete software solution designed for Jewellery production houses in manufacturing industry segment. This product provides automated solution for Production Planning, Managing Job Cards, Inventory and supply chain including all Merchandise Operations. It also has end-to-end functionality to track all Trading related activities in Gold, Diamonds & Color Stones. This is very efficient browser based system with complete features that any Jewellery Production house may require. Design Implementation is customizable based on client requirement. Read more..

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